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By Tract I. Stoker

Information concerning the plants and animals of California has been accumulat- ing for about a century and a half. Inci- dental mention of a few common native species is to be found in the accounts of travelers during the Mission period and brief comments on the fur resources and fisheries are to be found in some of the early historical works, but little of a serious character was published prior to 1830. The earliest collection of plants of which there is record is that made by Martiniere and Collignon, who with La Perouse visited Monterey Bay and vicin- ity in 1786, and first comments on defi- nite species of animals are found in the repox-t of La Perouse's expedition by Mil- et-Mureau (1797). A work by Shaw and Nodder (also 1797) described the Cali- fornia Condor and California Quail. The visits of Kotzebue and Eschscholtz in 1816 and 1824 (who were accompanied in 1816 by Chamisso), and of Beechey in 1826, and Belcher in 1837, and the travels of Douglas (1830) and of Nuttall (1835) are notable in that there resulted from the collections of these early visitors publica- tions which served to indicate the charac- ter of the native biota. In the ensuing years an ever increasing body of litera- ture has appeared, describing the native (and now introduced) plant and animal life of the state.

To date, there has appeared, so far as I am aware, only one bibliography com- plete for any group of California ani- mals, that by Grinnell (1909, 1924) deal- ing with birds. The monograph by Van Denburgh (1922) on reptiles includes citations to a very large part of the literature on reptiles, and that by Storer (1925) includes in the bibliog:raphy prac- .tically everything on amphibians. There is a manuscript bibliography on Califor- nia mammals in the University of Cali- fornia Museum of Vertebrate Zoology. Gill (1882) listed the papers dealing with fishes on the. Pacific coast to the end of 1879, and this includes much Californian material. The index to economic mate-

rial in state documents of California by Hasse (1908) includes many items relat- ing to forests, fish and game. Professor B. O. Essig of the University of Cali- fornia at Berkeley has a manuscript card index which contains references to many of the insects of California and there is much bibliographic material for Califor- nia entomology in his 1915 and 1926 works listed beyond. Dr. S. S. Berry of Redlands has a manuscript bibliography dealing with molluscs, especially the land and freshwater species of the state. Refer- ences to the important papers dealing with Californian marine invertebrates are included in the terminal bibliography of Johnson and Snook ( 1927 ) .

The situation with regard to botanical literature is even less satisfactory than with respect to animals. For that reason I have included proportionately more of the minor items in the list for "plant.s" in this bibliography. A bibliography on plants of the five southern counties of California was published by Parish (1909, 1910) ; this excluded general works and popular papers. Important items deal- ing with plant distribution in the state are listed by Harshberger (1911) and titles dealing specifically with chaparral are given by Cooper (1922). Series of references on particular groups of plants are to be found in the terminal bibliogra- phies of papers by Hall (1902, 1907), Jepson (1910), Setchell and Gardner (1919, 1920, 1925) and Smiley (1921).

The bibliography presented herewith includes for each group the separate books and a few important items from the serial literature. It is manifestly impossible to list many items of impor- tance which have appeared in scientific and popular periodicals ; general mono- graphic works which include material from California have rarely been entered. The total number of titles on birds alone to the end of 1923 was 4071 ; a complete bibliography on California natural his- tory down to date would probably exceed ten thousand entries.

* Contribution from the Division of Zoology, College of Agriculture, University of California.



[Jan., 1930

It is hoped that the listing of these items pertaining to the natural history of California will induce public and pri- vate librarians and individuals having personal libraries to seek out and con- serve copies of such as still can be ob- tained. Interest in the human history of the west and in "Californiana" has focused attention on documents in that field and has saved many items rare or otherwise from oblivion. There is need to turn attention to many natural history items relating to California ; some of these will prove difficult to secure.

The asterisk (*) marks items suitable for general libraries, large or small, which are in print or readily obtainable at the time this bibliography is published.


References to the natural history of California are scattered widely through the periodical literature, but there are a few series which deal largely or exclusive- ly with the biota of the state and the student of any particular group of ani- mals or plants will need to become ac- quainted with one or more of these.

In addition to the periodicals listed below, there are certain scientific journals which contain large numbers of references pertaining to California. Clues to these may be obtained by consulting the appro- priate special bibliogi*aphic sources indi- cated above.

American Plants. San Diego. C. R. Orcutt. Irregular, v. 1, columns 1-387 (2 per page). 1907-08; v. 2, col. 385- 788, 1909; v. 3, col. 789-1076, pis. 12-39, 1912.

Contains a "Botany of southern Cali- fornia."

Audubon Society of California. Glendora. Annual reports, 1- , 1907- .

Avifauna, The. Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. W. A. Hoffman, 1895, 1897. 3 numbers.

A minor bird journal containing ma- terial pertaining- to the Cooper Ornithological Club. [See Burns, F. L., 1915. A bib'iography of scarce or out of print North Ameri- can amateur trade periodicals de- voted more or less to ornithology, 32 pp.]

Bird News. San Francisco. Avicultural Society of California. Bi-monthly. 1, nos. 1-6 (all published) ; 1909.

Notes on wild and captive birds ; sev- eral California items.

Butterfly Farmer, The. Truckee. Ximena McGlashan, author and publisher. Monthly. v. 1, nos. 1-11 (all pub- lished). Sept. 1913-Aug. 1914. 208 pp.

"A monthly magazine for amateur entomologists," containing data on food plants of niany butterflies.

California Academy of Sciences. San Francisco. Irregular. Bulletin, 1-2, 1884-87; Memoirs, 1-5, 1868-1905; Occasional papers, 1- , 1890 to date (no. 16, 1928) ; Proceedings, series 1, 1-7, 1854-1876 ; series 2, 1-6, 1888-96 ; series 3, botany, 1-2, 1897-1904; zo- ology, 1-4, 1897-1906; series 4, 1- , 1907 to date (v. 18 in progress). Also occasional miscellaneous nonserial items.

Practically all papers are technical

in character ; much of the material

relates to California.

California Fish and Game Commission. [Official designation varies.] Biennial report, 1- , 1870-72 to date (30th, 1926-28) ; Calif oniia Fish and Game, Quarterly, 1-, 1914 to date (v. 15, 1929) ; Fish Commission Bulletins, 1-6, 1891-92; Bulletin Calif. Fish and Game Commission. 1, 1911 ; Fish Bulletin (irregular), 1- , 1913- (no. 16, 1928) ; Game Bulletin no. 1, 1913 (all published) ; Teachers Bulletin, 1- , 1912- (no. 9, 1928).

California Nature Study League. Sacra- mento. C. M. Goethe. Press Bulle- tins. Monthly, nos. 1-90, 1916-Dec., 1922.

Popular news articles, many on Cali- fornia material.

California State Board of Forestry. Sac- ramento. Biennial reports. 1885-86, 1887-88, 1889-90. All published. Description of forests and forest trees by J. G. and Mrs Lemmon, Abbot Kinney and others.

California State Commission of Horti- culture. Sacramento. Monthly Bulle- tin, V. 1 to V. 8, no. 7, 1912-1919.

Continued as Monthly Bulletin of California State Department of Agriculture.

California State Department of Agricul- ture. Sacramento. Monthly Bulletin, V. 9. 1920 to date (v. 18. 1929).

\ . 1 to V. 8, no. 7, issued by California State Commission of Horticulture. Numerous technical and popular articles dealing with agricultural pests, native and introduced.

California Traveler and Naturalist, The. Napa and San Jose. 1892-93. Uriah L. Hertz, et al. [vol. 2, no. 1,


April, 1893, 16 pp., only number seen

by me.]

An erratic minor journal of natural history and miscellaneous mate- rial.

Condor, The. [first volume entitled Bull. Cooper Ornithological Club.] Eagle Rock, Los Angeles. [various offices of publication.] Cooper Ornithological Club. Bi-monthly. 1- , 1899 to date (v. 31, 1929). "A magazine of western ornithology," containing a great deal of Cali- fornia material, popular and tech- nical.

Erythea. Bei-keley. W. L. Jepson, edi- tor and publisher. Irregular. 1— , 1893 to date (v. 8 in progress).

"A journal of botany, west Ameri- can and general . . ." ; much California material.

Gull, The. San Francisco. Audubon Association of the Pacific. Monthly. 1- , 1919 to date (v. 11, 1929).

News monthly and record of the as- sociation with short popular arti- cles on California birds.

Invertebrata Paeifica. Claremont [Calif.], and Santiago de las Vegas, Cuba. C. F. Baker, author and publisher. Ir- regular, vol. 1, pp. 1-198 (all pub- lished), 1903-07.

A brief journal, reporting insects col- lected by the author, many of them in California. [See Essig, E. O., Journ. Econ. Ent., 20:749. 1927.]

Journal of Entomology and Zoology, [title varies.] Pomona College, Clare- mont. Monthly. 1- , 1909 to date (v. 21, 1929).

Technical and semi-popular articles on insects and various animals ; much California, material.

Journal of the Museum of Comparative Oology. Santa Barbara. W. L. Daw- son, editor. Annual. 1-2 (no. 4) (all published), 1919-1922.

Miscellaneous articles relating to bird eggs and egg collectors ; some of these relate to California.

Live Oak, The. Angwin, Napa Co. How- ell Mountain Nature Club. Monthly ( September to June, 10 numbers an- nually). V. 1-, September, 1927, to date.

"Pacific Coast Nature Monthly. Pub- lished by Pacific LTnion College Press. Harold W. Clark, Editor." General natural history.

Lorquinia. Los Angeles. Lorquin Nat- ural History Club. Irregular. 1—2 (all published), 1916-1919.

Miscellaneous short items, chiefly on the natural history of southern California.

Los Angeles County Museum of History, Science and Art. Los Angeles. De- partment of Natural Sciences. Mis- cellaneous publications, no. 1, 1915 ; no. 2, 1918 (all published?).

Both items deal with fossil remains from the Rancho La Brea asphalt.

Madroiio. Berkeley. California Botani- cal Society. Irregular. 1- , 1916 to date (v. 1 in progress, 9 numbers published to end of 1929).

Contains brief articles and systematic revisions of certain genera of Cali- fornia plants.

Nature Club of Southern California, The. Bulletin. Los Angeles. Publ. by the Club. Monthly, [v. 6, no. 9, December, 1928, only number seen.]

Miscellaneous natural history mate- rial.

Nid[i]ologist, The. Alameda [later New York, N. Y.]. H.R.Taylor. Monthly. 1-4 (all published), 1893-97.

Popular articles on birds, chiefly Californian.

Osprey, The. Galesburg, 111., etc. Vari- ous editors. Monthly. 1-5, n.s. 1 (in- complete; all published). 1896-1902. Popular articles on birds ; a regular "California department" was main- tained. For the data on the Nidi- ologist and Osprey, see the Burns "Bibliography" cited under "The Avifauna."

Pacific Coast Avifauna. Eagle Rock,

Los Angeles. Cooper Ornithological

Club. Irregular. 1- , 1900 to date

(no. 18 issued in 1927).

A series of individual lengthy papers

dealing with western ornithology ;

ten are on California birds.

Pan Pacific Entomologist. San Fran- cisco. [Issued from the California Academy of Sciences.] Monthly. 1- , 1924 to date (v. 5, 1929).

Technical entomology ; many Califor- nia items.

Pasadena Academy of Science. Pasadena. Irregular. Publ. 1 and 2, 1897, 1898 (all published). Both papers deal with birds.

Phainopepla, The. Los Angeles. Bulle- tin of the California Audubon Society. Monthly, v. 1, no. 1, October, 1928, 4 pp., (all seen).

Pittonia. Berkeley [v. 1 and 2] and

Washington, D. C, E. L. Greene,

author and publisher. Irregular. 1-5

(all published), 1887-92; 1896-1905.

"A series of papers relating to botany

and botanists . . ." ; many items

dealing with California.

Pomona College Journal of Economic Botany as applied to subtropical horti-


[Jan., 1930

culture. Claremont, Department of Biology, Pomona College. Quarterly. 1-3 (all published). 1911-1913. Deals with ornamental and horticul- tural species of plants suited to subtropical areas.

Riverside Junior College. Occasional pai>ers (v. 1, no. 1, 1926, all seen).

San Diego Society of Natural History. Transactions. Iregular 1- , 1905 to date. (v. 5 in progress.)

Short papers dealing for the most part with the flora and fauna of San Diego County.

San Diego Zoological Society. Bulletin. Irregular, no. 1-, 1924 to date.

Brief papers on the zoologj' of south- western California.

Santa Barbara Society of Natural His- tory. Bulletin. Irregular, vol. 1, no. 1-3 (all published). Mar. 1887- Jan. 1902. illus., pis.

Vol. 1, no. 1 has title : Report of proceedings of the Santa Barbara Society of natural history from its organization in 1876, to 1887 [data from L. C. Card; not seen].

Southern California Academy of Sci- ences. Los Angeles. Irregular. Bulle- tin. 1-, 1902 to date (at least 24 vol- umes) ; Proceedings, no. 1-6 (all pub- lished), 1896-1899.

Miscellaneous short papers, some on the biology of southern California and the American southwest.

Stanford University. Irregular. Contri- butions to biology, Hopkins Seaside Laboratory, 1-32, 1895-1904; Publica- tions in biological sciences, 1-, 1920 to date; University series, 1-41, 1908- 1920.

Technical ; some papers deal with California material.

University of California. Berkeley. Ir- regular. Publications in Botany 1-. 1902 to date (v. 16 in progress, 1929) ; Publications in Entomology, 1-, 1900 to date (v. 5 in progress, 1929) ; Pub- lications in Zoology 1-, 1902 to date (v. 33 in progress, 1929). Technical ; many items relate to the fauna and flora of California ; a few important items from these series are listed m the detailed bibliographies below.

University of California. Agricultural Experiment Station. Berkeley. Ir- regular. Bulletins, 1- , 1884 to date (no. 478, 1929). Circular, 1- , 1903 to date (no. 315, 1929). Agricultural Extension Service Circulars, 1- , 1926 to date (no. 38, 1929).

Occasional bulletins and circulars, contain information on native or introduced plants and animals.

West American Scientist. San Diego. C. R. Orcutt, author, editor and pub- lisher. Irregular, nos. 1-158, 20 vol- umes, 1884-1919.

A minor journal with numerous brief items on the biology of the Ameri- can southwest, including Califor- nia.

Western Bird Banding News. Pasadena. Western Bird Banding Association. Quarterly.

A mimeographed news letter with numerous original items relating to birds, chiefly Calif ornian.

Wren-tit, The. San Jose. Bulletin of the Santa Clara Valley Audubon So- ciety. Quarterly, v. 1, no. 1, Jan- uary, 1929, 4 pp. ( all seen ) .

Yosemite Nature Notes. Yosemite Val- ley. National Parks Service and Yosemite Natural History Association. Monthly, v. 1-, 1922 to date (v. 8, 1929 ) . Published weekly during sum- mer of 1924-25.

Much local information on natural history of the Valley and Park.

Zoe. San Francisco, [v. 1-4] and San Diego [v. 5]. Zoe Publishing Co. Monthly, later irregular. 1-5 (all pub- lished), 1890-94; 1900-08.

Many technical and semi-popular arti- cles of major importance in Cali- fornia to botany and zoology.

In addition to the serials mentioned in the foregoing list, articles dealing with various aspects of the natural history of California have appeared in the Sierra Club Bulletin, Land of Sunshine (and its successor, Out-West), Mount Whit- ney Club Journal, Western Field, Sunset Magazine (especially the earlier vol- umes). Forest and Stream (in the 70's and 80's particularly), and, scatteringly, in other periodicals of similar character.


Beechey, F. W. Narrative of a voyage to the Pacific and Beering's Strait, to cooperate with the polar expeditions : performed in His Majesty's Ship Blos- som, under the command of Captain P. W. Beechey ... in the years 1825, 26, 27, 28 . . . London. H. Colburn and R. Bentley. 1831. 2 vols. 1 : xvii-l- 1-472 pp., 13 pis., 3 charts ; 2 : iv+1^52 pp., 10 pis.

San Francisco and Monterey were visited Dec. 7-28, 1826. The nar- rative of the visit 2:1-87, contains mention of various animals and a few plants.

Belcher, [Sir] Edward. Narrative of a voyage round the world, performed in


Her Majesty's Ship Sulphur, during the years 1836-1842 . . . Pub- lished under the authority of the Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty. Lon- don. H. Colburn. 1843. 2 vols. 1, i— xxxyiii-f-2-M-3S7 pp., 3 maps, illus. ; 2, i-vi-l-2-f- 1-474 pp., illus.

The expedition visited California in 1837 (October 19 to December 6) at Monterey and San Francisco and up the Sacramento River. See the items by Hinds, et al. (1844) on zoology and Bentham (184 4) on plants.

"Blossom." The zoology of Captain Beeehey's voyage compiled from the collections and notes made by Captain Beechey, the olBcers and naturalist of the Expedition, during a voyage to the Pacific and Behring's Straits per- formed in H. M. S. Blossom, 1825-28. London. Henry G. Bohn. 1839. xii-h 1-180 [ = 186] pp. 44 pis., 3 charts. Mammals, by J. Richardson [includes first description of the California Ground Squirrel, Citellus heecheyi'] ; Birds by N. A. Vigors ; F'ishes bv G. T. Lay and E. T. Bennett; Crus- tacea by R. Owen ; ' Reptiles and batrachians by J. E. Gray ; Mol- lusca by J. B. Gray.

Emory, W. H., d; others. Notes of a military reconnoissance, from Fort Leavenyrorth, in Missouri, to San Diego, in California . . . Wash- ington. Wendell and Van Benthuysen, Printers. 1848. 30th Cong. 1st Sess. House Ex. Doc. 41. 614 pp., pis., maps.

The report by Emory with appendices occupies pp. 1-385 ; incidental notes on plants and animals by Emory, report on plants by John Torrey, on cacti by Engelmann.

Eschscholtz, J. P. Zoologischer atlas, enhalten Abbildungen und Beschrei- bungen neuer Thierarten, wahrend des Flotteapitains Von Kotzebue zyreiter Reise um die Welt, auf der Russisch- Kaiserlichen Kriegschlupp Predpriaetie in den Jahren 1823-1826. Berlin. G. Reimer. 1829-33. 5 parts in 1 vol., front., 25 col. pis. Pt. 5 edited by M. H. Rathke.

A number of species of California animals including the coyote, sever- al salamanders and insects are here described and given scientific names. These are the first detailed accounts of any California animals.

Fremont, J. C. Report of the exploring expedition to the Rocky Mountains in the year 1842, and to Oregon and north California in the years 1843- 44. Washington. Gales and Seaton,

printers. 1845. 28th Cong., 2d Sess..

Senate Ex. Doc. 174. 693 pp., 22 pis.,

5 maps.

New plants of the second expedition are described by John Torrey and Fremont, pp. 311-319 ; there is in- cidental mention of animals and plants in the narrative, pp. 105-290.

Hinds, R. B., ed. The zoology of the voyage of H. M. S. Sulphiii*. under the command of Captain Sir Edward Belcher . . . during the years 1836-42. Pub. under the authority of the Lords Commissioners of the Ad- miralty. Ed. and superintended by Richard Bi-inslev Hinds. . . . Lon- don. Smith. Elder & Co. 1844. [1843- 45.] 1, 2-hl50 pp., 64 pis. ; 2, 2-H72-f-v pp., 21 col. pis.

Ives, J. C. Report upon the Colorado River of the West, explored in 1857 and 1858 by Lieutenant Joseph C. Ives, Corps of Topographical Engi- neers, under the direction of the Office of Explorations and Suiweys, A. A. Humphreys, Captain, Topographical Engineers, in charge. By order of the Secretary of War. Wa.shington. 1861. 1-131 -f 1-154+6 + 1-30 -f- 1-31+1 pp., front. +19 pis., 1 map, 41+27 figs. The botanical report (part IV) by Gray, Torrey, Thurber and Engel- mann, comprises 30 pages; the zo- ological part (V) by S. F. Baird consists of a 2-page list of birds collected by Mollhausen.

Kotzebue, Otto von. Neue Reise um die Welt, in den Jahren 1823, 24, 25, and 26 . . . Weimar. Wilhelm Hoff- mann. 1830. 2 vols. 1, xxu+191 pp.; 2, 2+177+2+34 pp., 2 pis., 3 ch.B.v\s.

See notes on English edition.

A new voyage round the world, in the years 1823, 24, 25, and 26. Lon- don. Henry Colbum and Richard Bentley. 1830. 2 vols. 1, 8+341 pp., front., 3 maps ; 2, 2+362+1 pp., 4 pis. Kotzebue visited San Francisco Oc- tober 1 to November 1, 1816, on his first voyage, but little or no infor- mation on California is contained in his "voyage of discovery" (1821, 3 vols.) describing that visit. Eschscholtz (18 2 2) described plants gathered on that trip. The second visit, September to Novem- ber, 1824, resulted in collection of numerous specimens (see Esch- scholtz 1829-33 ; some details of the visit are summarized in Storer, 1925, pp. 47-48, 79-80). The zoo- logical collections are reviewed in Kotzebue, v. 2, pp. 325-362.

[La Perouse.] A voyage round the world, performed in the years 1785,


[Jan., 1930

1786, 1787, 1788, by the Boussole and Astrolabe, under the command of J. F. G. de la Perouse. . . . Translated from the French. London. G. G. and J. Robinson, et al. 1799. 2 vols. + folio atlas. 1, 6+i-lvi+l-539 pp., front. ; 2, i-viii+1-531+16 pp. [Vari- ous later editions.]

Chapter XI (v. 1), pp. 436-462 (charts and plates 34, 36, 37), is devoted to description of Monterey and its environs v^ith brief com- ments on plants and animals.

Merriam, O. H. Results of a biological sui'vey of Mount Shasta, California. U. S. Dept. Agr., Div. Biol. Surv., N. Amer. Fauna No. 16 :1-179, 5 pis., 46 figs. 1899.

The forests and other plant life, effect of slope exposure and of fire, and detailed study of the birds and mammals.

Merriam, C. H., & others. The Death Valley Expedition, a biological survey of parts of California, Nevada, Aiizona, and Utah. U. S. Dept. Agric, Div. Ornithology and Mammalogy, N. Amer. Fauna, 7 :l-402, pis. i-xiv, 5 maps. 1893.

Birds by A. K. Fisher ; Reptiles and Batrachians by Leonhard Stejn- eg-er ; Fishes by C. H. Gilbert ; In- sects by C. V. Riley ; MoUusks by R. E. C. Stearns ; Desert trees and shrubs and desert cactuses and yuc- cas by C. Hart Merriam ; List of localities by T. S. Palmer. See also, Coville, F. V. Botany of the Death Valley Expedition, 189 3.

"Mexican Boundary Sui-vey." Report on the United States and Mexican Boup- dary Survey, made under the direction of the Secretary of the Interior, by William H. Emory. Washington. A. O. P. Nicholson, printer. 1857-59. 2 vols, (in 3).

Vol. 1, pt. 1, contains itinerary, pt. 2, g'eological and paleontological re- ports; V. 2, pt. 1, 1-270 + 1-78 pp., 61 + 75 + 1 pis., the botanical report by Torrey and report on cactus by Engelmann ; v. 2, pt. 2, 1-62 + 1-32 + l-35 + l-35+ii pp., 134 pis., the zoological report, mammals, birds and reptiles by Baird, fishes by Girard.

Milet-Mureau, M. L. A. Voyage de la Perouse autour du Monde. Paris, de I'lmprimerie de la Repub- lique. 1797. 4 vols, and folio atlas of 69 pis. 2, 398 pp.

Chap. XI deals with experiences at Monterey. The California Quail and California Thrasher are figured on plates 36 and 37. This was the first work to mention animals and plants of California more than casually. [Not seen, title from Grinnell, 1909.]

"Pacific Railroad Reports." Reports of explorations and surveys, to ascertain the niost practicable and economical route for a railroad from the Missis- sippi River to the Pacific Ocean. Made under the direction of the Secretary of War, in 1853^, according to Acts of Congress of March 3, 1853, May 31, 1854 and August 5, 1854. Volume I [to XII]. Washington. Beverly Tucker [v. XII, Thomas H. Ford], 1854 [to I860].

Five surveys were made, in general along the lines of the 3 2d, 35 th, 38th and 39th, 41st and 49th paral- lels of north latitude. Each party collected natural history specimens. The itineraries contain incidental information on plants and animals observed and collected. Formal reports on the natural history col- lections were planned to accom- pany the engineering report of each survey party, but several of the former were later condensed. Re- ports on plants and animals of individual surveys appear in vol- umes 2, 4, 5, 6, and 7. Vol. 8 is a general report on the mammals, vol. 9 on birds, vol. 10 is an omni- bus volume containing materials from Several surveys. Only the plates of the general report on the reptiles were issued. A general account of the fishes is included in this volume. Vol. 11 includes maps of importance in determining lo- calities, and vol. 12, book 2, com- prises the natural history of Wash- ington Territory, with incidental mention of California material.

PoweU, J. W. Exploration of the Colo- rado River of the West and its tribu- taries, explored in 1869, 1870, 1871, and 1872, under the direction of the Smithsonian Institution. Washington. 1875. xi+291 pp., 80 figs., 2 maps. Part III, Zoology, pp. 215-285.

Sitgreaves, L. Report of an expedition down the Zuni and Colorado rivers, 1851 . . . U. S. Engineer. Bur. 1853. 198 pp., 77 pis., 1 map.

Includes mention of some California material ; the "report on the nat- ural history" by S. W. Wood- house includes mammals and birds, "reptiles" are reported by Edw. Hallowell, "fishes" by Baird and Girard, "botany" by John Torrey.

United States Exploring Expedition. Dur- ing the years 1838 ... 42. Under the command of Charles Wilkes. U. S. N. Philadelphia. C. Sherman. 1844- 74.

A series of 20 quarto volumes, many of them -accompanied by folio atlases, with formal reports on the specimens and materials collected by the expedition. No government scientific periodicals existed when the collections were received, so


many of the technical descriptions of new species appeared in the publications of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia and other similar series. The re- ports include volumes by Cassin on mammals and birds, by Girard on herpetology, Dana on Crustacea and zoophytes, Gould on mollusks, and by Graj^ and by Brackenridge on plants. Projected volumes on fishes, a further botanical report and a volume on geographical dis- tribution of animals and plants were never published. [See Hasse, A. R. Reports of Explorations printed in the documents of the United iStates Government. U. S. Superintendent of Documents [Bull. 2]. 1899. 90 pp.]

"Wheeler Survey." Geographical surveys west of the one hundredth m,eridian. Annual Reports 1869-1884 [California material in reports for 1872, 1875, 1876, 1877-, 1878, 1879]. Monographs I-VII [V contains synoptic reports on Zool- ogy, VI on botany].

Important collections were made in a number of places in Califorania.

"Wilkes. Charles. Narrative of the United States Exploring Expedition, during the years 18-38, 1839, 1840, 1841, 1842. . . . Philadelphia. Lea and Blan- chard. 184.5. 5 vols. 5, 591 pp., 71 pis.

In vol. 5, pp. 149-214 (with folded map") is an account of the visit to California. The scientific material, including that for California, was published in a series of 20 volumes under various authorships : See U. S. Exploring Expedition.

Narrative of the United States

Exploring Expedition, during the years 1838, 1839. 1.S10, 1841, 1842 . . . condensed and abridged. London. Wliittaker & Co. [1845.] 1 vol. i-vii+1-372 pp.

Chapter 34, pp. 301-306, describes the visit to California.

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[Jan., 1930

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